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What is a Batcap?

A conventional battery,as we all know,has a positive and negative terminal. The chemical reaction within creates a flow of electrons, causing an electronic device (In this case an amplifier) to work.

The stiffening capacitor is similar to a battery in that it stores a charge. The Fundamental difference is it cannot create electrons. It can only store and supply (discharge) them upon demand. The advantage with a capacitor is that it discharge in 20 thousandths of a second unlike a battery that does it in 1 second . The battery therefore cannot discharge fast enough to effectively supply the amplifier and this is the reason"power sags"

The XSTATIC BATCAP is simply a battery that can be discharges just as quickly as a capacitor. Therefore you have a constant supply of electrons that will discharge at lightning speed! This puts less strain on you stock alternator and battery. It also recharges faster than a conventional battery since the internal resistance is so low.

I'm sure anyone can find a place to put the 3 lb Model 300 or the larger 5 lb Model 400. Don't let the size fool you! These Batcaps can crank start your car!


  • Batcaps are the fastest batteries in the world
  • You get the energy of a battery with the speed of a capacitor
  • Prevents voltage drop - No more power sags
  • Batcaps are in the world's loudest cars!
  • You no longer need a 30 lb battery along with a cap. Replace it with a 5 lb Batcap.
  • Batcaps take a strain off the entire electrical system. Even your car battery will last longer.
  • The 300 Batcap is equivalent to 100(1)farad caps it handles 500-700 watts for maximum
  • performance.
  • The 400 Batcap is the equivalent to 200 (1)farad caps. It handles 1,000-1,300 watts for
  • maximum performance.
  • Batcaps recharge faster than a conventional battery due to low internal resistance.
  • They are small in size and extremely light weight.
  • They are very easy to install.
  • Batcaps allow the amplifier to produce stronger, cleaner sound!

  • What Others Say About Us
    Sat Benson, New York
    Awesome Products,Awesome customer service- Batcap For Life!
    Tim Greathouse, Alabama
    Very good products and they are local. Xstatic Batcap is the best when it comes to batteri...
    Slurgey Slurge, Michigan
    great product, had one power my entire system in my miata and am now looking to get one to...
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